Recently, Joe Schemer, specialty digital product manager for Mohawk Fine Papers, spelled out five key points about the evolution of digital papers in Printing Impressions magazine.

  1. Digital stocks are available in a full range of sizes to fit today’s press formats. From 8 ½ x 11” to 14 x 26” is standard. If you have a specialty need, just ask!
  2. Prices for digital sheets have come down. By request, even less common sheet sizes can be produced economically when ordered in volume.
  3. Whether it’s extremely lightweight or card stock, or specialty finishes like linen or felt, there is a paper compatible with the press on which you will be printing . We offer the two leading digital printing solutions in the industry, iGen from Xerox and Indigo from HP, to ensure we always have the best way to produce your product.
  4. Digital papers are more geared to productivity and quality than ever. Regardless of the individual paper mill or the presses on which their stocks will be printed, all are working to provide stronger ink adhesion, less cracking on the fold, minimal jamming on press, and minimal build-up on press.
  5. Despite advances in substrates and engineered coatings, it’s not one-size-fits-all. Digital production still requires matching the paper to the press and taking into account issues such as static, image quality needs, and paper grain direction.

Need help selecting the right paper for your next project? Work with us to make sure that you are getting the right sheet to produce outstanding results.
Source: “When Heat Hits Paper” (Printing Impressions )