Sometimes the thickness of Cover/Card stock is used instead of its weight. In North America, paper thickness can be displayed in points (1/1000″ or .001″). For example, a 10 pt. Card stock is 0.010″ thick (about the weight of a 140lb Index stock) while 12 pt. Card stock is 0.012″ thick (about the weight of a 100lb Cover stock).

Paper Weight Comparison Chart (Lightest to Heaviest) 

#’s gsm Paper Stock
16lb 60.2 g/m² Bond/Writing/Ledger
40lb 60.2 g/m² Book/Text/Offset
20lb 75.2 g/m² Bond/Writing/Ledger
50lb 75.2 g/m² Book/Text/Offset
24lb 90.3 g/m² Bond/Writing/Ledger
60lb 90.3 g/m² Book/Text/Offset
80lb 104 g/m² Book/Text/Offset
28lb 105.4 g/m² Bond/Writing/Ledger
70lb 105.4 g/m² Book/Text/Offset
40lb 109.1 g/m² Cover
50lb 135.5 g/m² Cover
60lb 161.8 g/m² Cover
100lb 161.8 g/m² Tag
90lb 161.8 g/m² Index
65lb 176.8 g/m² Cover
110lb 199.4 g/m² Index
80lb 218.2 g/m² Cover
90lb 244.6 g/m² Cover
140lb 252.1 g/m² Index
100lb 270.0g/m² Cover
170lb 308.5 g/m² Index
220lb 385.1 g/m² Index