Saddle Stich Binding

This inexpensive method binds pages using two or more [...]

Saddle Stich Binding2023-05-10T09:49:14-05:00

Saddle Loop Binding

Similar to saddle stitching, except the loops extend out [...]

Saddle Loop Binding2023-05-10T09:49:36-05:00

Wire-O Binding

Also known as twin-loop binding or double-loop binding. A [...]

Wire-O Binding2023-05-10T09:50:35-05:00

GBC Binding

This inexpensive method well uses a plastic "comb" that [...]

GBC Binding2023-05-10T09:50:54-05:00

Post Binding

Metal screw-together posts are inserted into holes drill through [...]

Post Binding2023-05-10T09:51:24-05:00

Velo Binding

Thin strips of plastic are permanently locked together through [...]

Velo Binding2023-05-10T09:51:40-05:00

Tape Binding

A strip of tape is applied to the spine [...]

Tape Binding2023-05-10T09:51:59-05:00
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